1 date.views.inc date_views_handler_is_date($handler, $type = 'argument')

Custom helper function.

The instanceof function makes this work for any handler that was derived from 'views_handler_filter_date' or 'views_handler_argument_date', which includes core date fields like the node updated field.

The test for $handler->min_date tells us that this is an argument that not only is derived from the views date handler but also has been processed by the Date Views filter or argument code.


core/modules/date/views/date.views.inc, line 236
Defines date-related Views data and plugins:


function date_views_handler_is_date($handler, $type = 'argument') {
  switch ($type) {
    case 'filter':
      return $handler instanceof views_handler_filter_date && !empty($handler->min_date);

    case 'argument':
      return $handler instanceof views_handler_argument_date && !empty($handler->min_date);
  return FALSE;