1 tablesort.inc tablesort_cell($cell, $header, $ts, $i)

Formats a table cell.

Adds a class attribute to all cells in the currently active column.


$cell: The cell to format.

$header: An array of column headers in the format described in theme_table().

$ts: The current table sort context as returned from tablesort_init().

$i: The index of the cell's table column.

Return value

A properly formatted cell, ready for _theme_table_cell().:


core/includes/tablesort.inc, line 78
Functions to aid in the creation of sortable tables.


function tablesort_cell($cell, $header, $ts, $i) {
  if (isset($header[$i]['data']) && $header[$i]['data'] == $ts['name'] && !empty($header[$i]['field'])) {
    if (is_array($cell)) {
      $cell['class'][] = 'active';
    else {
      $cell = array('data' => $cell, 'class' => array('active'));
  return $cell;