1 theme.inc _theme_table_cell($cell, $header = FALSE)

Returns HTML output for a single table cell for theme_table().


$cell: Array of cell information, or string to display in cell.

bool $header: TRUE if this cell is a table header cell, FALSE if it is an ordinary table cell. If $cell is an array with element 'header' set to TRUE, that will override the $header parameter.

Return value

HTML for the cell.:


core/includes/theme.inc, line 2646
The theme system, which controls the output of Backdrop.


function _theme_table_cell($cell, $header = FALSE) {
  $attributes = '';

  if (is_array($cell)) {
    $data = isset($cell['data']) ? $cell['data'] : '';
    // Cell's data property can be a string or a renderable array.
    if (is_array($data)) {
      $data = backdrop_render($data);
    $header |= isset($cell['header']);
    $attributes = backdrop_attributes($cell);
  else {
    $data = $cell;

  if ($header) {
    $output = "<th$attributes>$data</th>";
  else {
    $output = "<td$attributes>$data</td>";

  return $output;