backdrop_build_css_cache in core/includes/
Aggregates and optimizes CSS files into a cache file in the files directory.
backdrop_build_js_cache in core/includes/
Aggregates JavaScript files into a cache file in the files directory.
FileUnmanagedSaveDataTest::testFileSaveData in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Test the file_unmanaged_save_data() function.
file_example_read_submit in modules/examples/file_example/file_example.module
Submit handler for reading a stream wrapper.
file_example_unmanaged_write_submit in modules/examples/file_example/file_example.module
Submit handler to write an unmanaged file.
file_save_data in core/includes/
Saves a file to the specified destination and creates a database entry.
system_retrieve_file in core/modules/system/system.module
Attempts to get a file using backdrop_http_request and to store it locally.
_color_save_stylesheet in core/modules/color/color.module
Saves the rewritten stylesheet to disk.
_locale_rebuild_js in core/includes/
(Re-)Creates the JavaScript translation file for a language.