drupal_dirname in core/includes/drupal.inc
Gets the name of the directory from a given path.
FileTokenReplaceTestCase::testFileTokenReplacement in core/modules/file/tests/file.test
Creates a file, then tests the tokens generated from it.
FileUnmanagedCopyTest::testOverwriteSelf in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Copy a file onto itself.
file_destination in core/includes/file.inc
Determines the destination path for a file.
file_manage_form_submit in core/modules/file/file.pages.inc
Form submission handler for the 'Save' button for file_manage_form().
file_unmanaged_prepare in core/includes/file.inc
Internal function that prepares the destination for a file_unmanaged_copy or file_unmanaged_move operation.
image_style_create_derivative in core/modules/image/image.module
Creates a new image derivative based on an image style.
system_transliteration_retroactive_submit in core/modules/system/system.admin.inc
Form submit function; retroactively transliterates existing file names.