DateAPITestCase::testDateAPI in core/modules/date/tests/date_api.test
DateAPITestCase::testDateAPI in core/modules/date/tests/date_api.test
date_formatter_process in core/modules/date/date.module
Helper function for creating formatted date arrays from a formatter.
date_format_type_options in core/modules/date/date.module
Creates an array of date format types for use as an options list.
date_popup_element_value_callback in core/modules/date/
Element value callback for date_popup element.
date_text_element_process in core/modules/date/
Text date input form.
date_text_element_value_callback in core/modules/date/
Element value callback for date_text element.
date_tokens in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_tokens().
date_views_argument_handler_simple::options_form in core/modules/date/views/
Add a form element to select date_fields for this argument.
date_views_argument_handler_simple::summary_argument in core/modules/date/views/
Provide the argument to use to link from the summary to the next level.
date_views_argument_handler_simple::summary_name in core/modules/date/views/
Provide a link to the next level of the view from the summary.
date_views_argument_handler_simple::title in core/modules/date/views/
Provide a title for the view based on the argument value.
date_views_plugin_pager::query in core/modules/date/views/
Transfer date information from the argument to the view.
form_process_html_datetime in core/includes/
Combine html_date and html_time form elements.
html_datetime_validate in core/includes/
Validate a combined date and time array.
html_date_validate in core/includes/
Validate a date string.
node_form in core/modules/node/
Form constructor for the node add/edit form.
theme_date_nav_title in core/modules/date/
Theme the calendar title.
_date_field_widget_settings_form in core/modules/date/
Helper function for date_field_widget_settings_form().
_date_popup_process_date_part in core/modules/date/
Process the date portion of the element.
_date_popup_process_time_part in core/modules/date/
Process the time portion of the element.
_get_custom_date_format in core/modules/date/date.module
Get a custom date format.