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How to install and use Backdrop CMS with a language other than English

The Locale module that is included in Backdrop core allows you to present interface elements of your Backdrop site in a language other than the default (English). The module provides an integrated web interface, which you can use to search for untranslated text strings, and to specify their translations. An easier method is to import existing translations for your language. Translations are available as GNU gettext Portable Object (.po) files. You can download these language files from the Backdrop translation server.

Add a language before installing Backdrop

  • Download the language file from the translation server.
  • Move the downloaded .po file inside the directory files/translations.
  • Install Backdrop as per usual.
    The installer will guide you through several steps.
    During the first step, you will be prompted to choose a language.
  • Choose your language, and click to continue the installation.
    During some of the next steps, the installer will import your translations.

After the installation you will be redirected to your site's home page.
You'll find your language on the page Configuration > Regional and language > Languages.

If you've already installed Backdrop in English, you can add your language after the installation:

Add a language after installing Backdrop

  • Go to Functionality > List Modules, and ensure that the Locale module is enabled.
  • Go to Configuration > Regional and language > Languages, click the "Add language" link, select your language, and click the "Add language" button.
  • Download the language file from the translation server.
  • Go to Configuration > Regional and language > User interface translation > Import. Upload and import the language file using the form.