These pages cover special installation instructions for Backdrop CMS.

Backdrop may be installed in a variety of manners that increase the robustness of the site and may improve performance. Most configuration of Backdrop happens in the settings.php file.

Using Drush

You can use drush to download and install Backdrop from the command line.

drush dlb backdrop --path="my-backdrop"

Change into the directory:

cd my-backdrop

Use drush si command to install Backdrop and set up the database.

drush si --db-url="mysql://DB_USERNAME:DB_PASSWORD@localhost/DB_NAME" -y 

You should get an output similar to this:

geoff@yep my-backdrop $ drush si --db-url="mysql://root:pass@localhost/dbname"
Installing Backdrop. This may take a moment...

Backdrop installed successfully.

Username: admin
password: 56425889f3717324a36e9a716c9777b4