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Becoming a maintainer for an Open Source project isn't as daunting as you may think.

You've created  a new add-on for Backdrop CMS, and want to share it with others. Now what?

When you transfer your project into the backdrop-contrib group, it becomes the responsibility of the whole group. 

  • The Security team will notify you of any problems, and will be there with you through the process of creating a security release. 
  • The Security team is also authorized to make fixes and issue releases if you are not comfortable doing so yourself, or are not available to participate at the time. 
  • The bug squad is available to merge bug-fixes the community has verified, if you are not available to do so yourself.
  • There are members of the contrib-group who are there help triage your issue queue. 
  • There are other members who may wish to help you co-maintain your project.
  • The general public may request changes or report issues, but they are also likely to provide the solution. 

When you join the Backdrop Contributed Project Group (Backdrop Contrib, for short) you'll be joining a team of other passionate Backdrop CMS developers who are looking forward to working with you.

Apply to join

Requirements to join backdrop-contrib:

  • You must agree to the Backdrop Contributed Project Agreement.
  • You must provide one of the following:
    • a link to a new Backdrop project under your own GitHub account for a quick spot-check 
    • at least 2 links to Pull Requests or commits to existing Backdrop projects, and
    • at least 1 recommendation from a person who is already a member of the backdrop-contrib group.

Benefits of joining backdrop-contrib:

  • Assistance from the Backdrop security team if an issue is identified, or a release is needed.
  • Official security procedures for monitoring, managing, and resolving issues.
  • Version information packaged into the GitHub download automatically.
  • Co-maintain your project with other backdrop-contrib members.
  • Managed issue queues by all backdrop-contrib members.
  • Collaborate with the larger Backdrop community.

How to become a co-maintainer:

  • If you haven't already, please join the Backdrop Contrib group by submitting an application.
  • File an issue with the current project offering to help maintain it.
  • Create a Pull Request that adds your name to the list of maintainers in the file.
  • The current maintainer may choose to merge your PR and grant you admin access on the project. 
  • If there is no responce for 2 weeks or more, you can follow the process for adopting abandoned projects.

For more information, please visit backdrop-contrib on GitHub.