1 views.module views_menu_alter(&$callbacks)

Implement hook_menu_alter().


core/modules/views/views.module, line 419
Primarily Backdrop hooks and global API functions to manipulate views.


function views_menu_alter(&$callbacks) {
  $our_paths = array();
  $views = views_get_applicable_views('uses hook menu');
  foreach ($views as $data) {
    list($view, $display_id) = $data;
    $result = $view->execute_hook_menu($display_id, $callbacks);
    if (is_array($result)) {
      // The menu system doesn't support having two otherwise
      // identical paths with different placeholders.  So we
      // want to remove the existing items from the menu whose
      // paths would conflict with ours.

      // First, we must find any existing menu items that may
      // conflict.  We use a regular expression because we don't
      // know what placeholders they might use.  Note that we
      // first construct the regex itself by replacing %views_arg
      // in the display path, then we use this constructed regex
      // (which will be something like '#^(foo/%[^/]*/bar)$#') to
      // search through the existing paths.
      $regex = '#^(' . preg_replace('#%views_arg#', '%[^/]*', implode('|', array_keys($result))) . ')$#';
      $matches = preg_grep($regex, array_keys($callbacks));

      // Remove any conflicting items that were found.
      foreach ($matches as $path) {
        // Don't remove the paths we just added!
        if (!isset($our_paths[$path])) {
      foreach ($result as $path => $item) {
        if (!isset($callbacks[$path])) {
          // Add a new item, possibly replacing (and thus effectively
          // overriding) one that we removed above.
          $callbacks[$path] = $item;
        else {
          // This item already exists, so it must be one that we added.
          // We change the various callback arguments to pass an array
          // of possible display IDs instead of a single ID.
          $callbacks[$path]['page arguments'][1] = (array) $callbacks[$path]['page arguments'][1];
          $callbacks[$path]['page arguments'][1][] = $display_id;
          $callbacks[$path]['access arguments'][] = $item['access arguments'][0];
          $callbacks[$path]['load arguments'][1] = (array) $callbacks[$path]['load arguments'][1];
          $callbacks[$path]['load arguments'][1][] = $display_id;
        $our_paths[$path] = TRUE;

  // Save memory: Destroy those views.
  foreach ($views as $data) {
    list($view, $display_id) = $data;