1 views.module views_get_applicable_views($type)

Return a list of all views and display IDs that have a particular setting in their display's plugin settings.


Return value

@code: array( array($view, $display_id), array($view, $display_id), );


core/modules/views/views.module, line 1295
Primarily Backdrop hooks and global API functions to manipulate views.


function views_get_applicable_views($type) {
  // @todo: Use a smarter flagging system so that we don't have to
  // load every view for this.
  $result = array();
  $views = views_get_all_views();

  foreach ($views as $view) {
    // Skip disabled views.
    if (!empty($view->disabled)) {

    if (empty($view->display)) {
      // Skip this view as it is broken.
      debug(t("Skipping broken view @view", array('@view' => $view->name)));

    // Loop on array keys because something seems to muck with $view->display
    // a bit in PHP4.
    foreach (array_keys($view->display) as $id) {
      $plugin = views_fetch_plugin_data('display', $view->display[$id]->display_plugin);
      if (!empty($plugin[$type])) {
        // This view uses hook menu. Clone it so that different handlers
        // don't trip over each other, and add it to the list.
        $v = $view->clone_view();
        if ($v->set_display($id) && $v->display_handler->get_option('enabled')) {
          $result[] = array($v, $id);
        // In PHP 4.4.7 and presumably earlier, if we do not unset $v
        // here, we will find that it actually overwrites references
        // possibly due to shallow copying issues.
  return $result;