ViewsAnalyzeTest::setUp in core/modules/views/tests/views_analyze.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
ViewsSqlTest::enableViewsUi in core/modules/views/tests/views_query.test
This function allows to enable views ui from a higher class which can't change the setup function anymore.
views_block_info in core/modules/views/views.module
Implement hook_block_info().
views_get_applicable_views in core/modules/views/views.module
Return a list of all views and display IDs that have a particular setting in their display's plugin settings.
views_get_disabled_views in core/modules/views/views.module
Returns an array of all disabled views, as fully loaded $view objects.
views_get_enabled_views in core/modules/views/views.module
Returns an array of all enabled views, as fully loaded $view objects.
views_handler_relationship_groupwise_max::options_form in core/modules/views/handlers/
Extends the relationship's basic options, allowing the user to pick a sort and an order for it.
views_ui_autocomplete_tag in core/modules/views_ui/
Page callback for views tag autocomplete
views_ui_field_list in core/modules/views_ui/
List all instances of fields on any views.