FieldViewsDataTest::testViewsData in core/modules/field/tests/field_views.test
Unit testing the views data structure.
view::fix_missing_relationships in core/modules/views/includes/
Attempt to discover if the view has handlers missing relationships.
view::init_query in core/modules/views/includes/
Do some common building initialization.
ViewsModuleTest::assertInstanceHandler in core/modules/views/tests/views_module.test
Ensure that a certain handler is a instance of a certain table/field.
ViewsModuleTest::testFetchData in core/modules/views/tests/views_module.test
Tests views_fetch_data().
ViewsUiBaseViewsWizard::default_display_filters_user in core/modules/views_ui/wizards/views_ui_base_views_wizard.php
ViewsUiBaseViewsWizard::default_display_options in core/modules/views_ui/wizards/views_ui_base_views_wizard.php
Most subclasses will need to override this method to provide some fields or a different row plugin.
ViewsUiBaseViewsWizard::row_style_options in core/modules/views_ui/wizards/views_ui_base_views_wizard.php
Add possible row style options.
views_fetch_base_tables in core/modules/views_ui/
Fetch a list of all base tables available
views_fetch_fields in core/modules/views/includes/
Fetch a list of all fields available for a given base type.
views_get_handler in core/modules/views/views.module
Fetch a handler from the data cache.
views_get_table_join in core/modules/views/includes/
Fetch a handler to join one table to a primary table from the data cache
views_handler_field_entity::init in core/modules/views/handlers/
Initialize the entity type.
views_handler_field_entity::query in core/modules/views/handlers/
Overridden to add the field for the entity ID.
views_handler_field_field::get_base_table in core/modules/field/views/
Set the base_table and base_table_alias.
views_handler_filter_entity_bundle::get_entity_type in core/modules/views/handlers/
Set and returns the entity_type.
views_handler_relationship::query in core/modules/views/handlers/
Called to implement a relationship in a query.
views_handler_relationship_entity_reverse::query in core/modules/field/views/
Called to implement a relationship in a query.
views_handler_relationship_groupwise_max::left_query in core/modules/views/handlers/
Generate a subquery given the user options, as set in the options. These are passed in rather than picked up from the object because we generate the subquery when the options are saved, rather than when the view is run. This saves considerable time.
views_handler_relationship_groupwise_max::options_form in core/modules/views/handlers/
Extends the relationship's basic options, allowing the user to pick a sort and an order for it.
views_handler_relationship_groupwise_max::query in core/modules/views/handlers/
Called to implement a relationship in a query. This is mostly a copy of our parent's query() except for this bit with the join class.
views_handler_relationship_translation::query in core/modules/translation/views/
Called to implement a relationship in a query.
views_move_table in core/modules/views/views.module
Find the real location of a table.
views_plugin_display::get_plugin in core/modules/views/plugins/
Get the instance of a plugin, for example style or row.
views_plugin_query_default::execute in core/modules/views/plugins/
Executes the query and fills the associated view object with according values.
views_plugin_query_default::get_result_entities in core/modules/views/plugins/
Returns the according entity objects for the given query results.
views_plugin_row::options_form in core/modules/views/plugins/
Provide a form for setting options.
views_ui_config_item_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_field_list in core/modules/views_ui/
List all instances of fields on any views.