1 views_plugin_query_default.inc views_plugin_query_default::ensure_path($table, $relationship = NULL, $join = NULL, $traced = array(), $add = array())

Make sure that the specified table can be properly linked to the primary table in the JOINs. This function uses recursion. If the tables needed to complete the path back to the primary table are not in the query they will be added, but additional copies will NOT be added if the table is already there.


core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_query_default.inc, line 625
Defines the default query object.


Object used to create a SELECT query.


function ensure_path($table, $relationship = NULL, $join = NULL, $traced = array(), $add = array()) {
  if (!isset($relationship)) {
    $relationship = $this->base_table;

  if (!array_key_exists($relationship, $this->relationships)) {
    return FALSE;

  // If we do not have join info, fetch it.
  if (!isset($join)) {
    $join = $this->get_join_data($table, $this->relationships[$relationship]['base']);

  // If it can't be fetched, this won't work.
  if (empty($join)) {
    return FALSE;

  // Does a table along this path exist?
  if (isset($this->tables[$relationship][$table]) || 
    ($join && $join->left_table == $relationship) || 
    ($join && $join->left_table == $this->relationships[$relationship]['table'])) {

    // Make sure that we're linking to the correct table for our relationship.
    foreach (array_reverse($add) as $table => $path_join) {
      $this->queue_table($table, $relationship, $this->adjust_join($path_join, $relationship));
    return TRUE;

  // Have we been this way?
  if (isset($traced[$join->left_table])) {
    // we looped. Broked.
    return FALSE;

  // Do we have to add this table?
  $left_join = $this->get_join_data($join->left_table, $this->relationships[$relationship]['base']);
  if (!isset($this->tables[$relationship][$join->left_table])) {
    $add[$join->left_table] = $left_join;

  // Keep looking.
  $traced[$join->left_table] = TRUE;
  return $this->ensure_path($join->left_table, $relationship, $left_join, $traced, $add);