Defines the user entity class.


Expanded class hierarchy of User


core/modules/user/, line 10
Entity classes and controllers for User module.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Entity::$is_active_revision public property Indicates whether this is the active revision.
Entity::buildContent public function Implements EntityInterface::buildContent(). Overrides EntityInterface::buildContent
Entity::bundle public function Implements EntityInterface::bundle(). Overrides EntityInterface::bundle
Entity::createDuplicate public function Implements EntityInterface::createDuplicate(). Overrides EntityInterface::createDuplicate
Entity::delete public function Implements EntityInterface::delete(). Overrides EntityInterface::delete
Entity::getFieldValue public function Implements EntityInterface::getFieldValue(). Overrides EntityInterface::getFieldValue
Entity::getFieldValues public function Implements EntityInterface::getFieldValues(). Overrides EntityInterface::getFieldValues
Entity::getRevisionId public function Implements Backdrop\entity\EntityInterface::getRevisionId(). Overrides EntityInterface::getRevisionId
Entity::isActiveRevision public function Implements Backdrop\entity\EntityInterface::isActiveRevision(). Overrides EntityInterface::isActiveRevision
Entity::isNew public function Implements EntityInterface::isNew(). Overrides EntityInterface::isNew
Entity::setIsActiveRevision public function Implements Backdrop\entity\EntityInterface::setActiveRevision(). Overrides EntityInterface::setIsActiveRevision
Entity::view public function Implements EntityInterface::view(). Overrides EntityInterface::view
Entity::__construct public function Constructs a new entity object. Overrides EntityInterface::__construct
User::$access public property The timestamp when the user last accessed the site. A value of 0 means the user has never accessed the site.
User::$changed public property The timestamp when the user was changed.
User::$created public property The timestamp when the user was created.
User::$init public property The email address used for initial account creation.
User::$langcode public property The user's langcode.
User::$login public property The timestamp when the user last logged in. A value of 0 means the user has never logged in.
User::$mail public property The user's email address.
User::$name public property The unique user name.
User::$pass public property The user's password (hashed).
User::$picture public property The file entity for the user's picture.
User::$preferred_langcode public property The user's preferred langcode for receiving emails and viewing the site.
User::$roles public property An unindexed list of role names.
User::$signature public property The user's signature.
User::$signature_format public property The user's signature format.
User::$status public property Whether the user is active (1) or blocked (0).
User::$timezone public property The user's timezone.
User::$uid public property The user ID.
User::access public function Overrides Entity::access(). Overrides Entity::access
User::createAccess public static function Overrides Entity::createAccess(). Overrides Entity::createAccess
User::entityType public function Implements EntityInterface::entityType(). Overrides EntityInterface::entityType
User::id public function Implements EntityInterface::id(). Overrides EntityInterface::id
User::label public function Implements EntityInterface::label(). Overrides EntityInterface::label
User::save public function Implements EntityInterface::save(). Overrides Entity::save
User::uri public function Implements EntityInterface::uri(). Overrides EntityInterface::uri