1 entity.class.inc public EntityInterface::view($view_mode = 'full', $langcode = NULL, $page = NULL)

View an entity.


string $view_mode:

string|NULL $langcode:

bool|NULL $page: (optional) If set will control if the entity is rendered: if TRUE the entity will be rendered without its title, so that it can be embedded in another context. If FALSE the entity will be displayed with its title in a mode suitable for lists. If unset, the page mode will be enabled if the current path is the URI of the entity, as returned by entity_uri().

Return value

A render array of the entity.:


core/modules/entity/entity.class.inc, line 154
Provides an interface and a base class for entities.


Defines a common interface for all entity objects.


public function view($view_mode = 'full', $langcode = NULL, $page = NULL);