DashboardUpdateBlock::getContent in core/modules/dashboard/includes/block.update.inc
Return the content of a block.
installer_manager_update_form in core/modules/installer/installer.manager.inc
Form constructor for the update form of the Installer module.
theme_update_report in core/modules/update/update.theme.inc
Returns HTML for the project status report.
theme_update_status_label in core/modules/update/update.theme.inc
Returns HTML for a label to display for a project's update status.
UpdateTestContribCase::testHookUpdateStatusAlter in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Check that hook_update_status_alter() works to change a status.
update_calculate_project_update_status in core/modules/update/update.compare.inc
Calculates the current update status of a specific project.
_update_message_text in core/modules/update/update.module
Returns the appropriate message text when site is out of date or not secure.
_update_requirement_check in core/modules/update/update.install
Fills in the requirements array.