1 system.test ModuleDependencyTestCase::testThemeMetaData()

Tests whether the correct theme metadata is returned.


core/modules/system/tests/system.test, line 539
Tests for system.module.


Test module dependency functionality.


function testThemeMetaData() {
  // Generate the list of available themes.
  $themes = system_rebuild_theme_data();
  // Check that the mtime field exists for the bartik theme.
  $this->assertTrue(!empty($themes['bartik']->info['mtime']), 'The bartik.info file modification time field is present.');
  // Use 0 if mtime isn't present, to avoid an array index notice.
  $test_mtime = !empty($themes['bartik']->info['mtime']) ? $themes['bartik']->info['mtime'] : 0;
  // Ensure the mtime field contains a number that is greater than zero.
  $this->assertTrue(is_numeric($test_mtime) && ($test_mtime > 0), 'The bartik.info file modification time field contains a timestamp.');