1 system.install system_update_1049()

Bartik theme settings update: Indicate whether legacy colors should be used.

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core/modules/system/system.install, line 2854
Install, update and uninstall functions for the system module.


function system_update_1049() {
  // Only bother if the default theme is Bartik.
  $default_theme = config_get('system.core', 'theme_default');
  if ($default_theme == 'bartik') {
    // If there are no color settings then the default (Blue Lagoon) was in use.
    if (config_get('bartik.settings', 'color') === NULL) {
      // Set a flag indicating that we should use the legacy style sheet.
      config_set('bartik.settings', 'color_legacy', TRUE);
    config_set('bartik.settings', 'main_menu_tabs', 'rounded-tabs');