1 form.test private FormsProgrammaticTestCase::submitForm($values, $valid_input, $expected_values = NULL, $form_state = array())

Helper function used to programmatically submit the form defined in form_test.module with the given values.


$values: An array of field values to be submitted.

$valid_input: A boolean indicating whether or not the form submission is expected to be valid.

$expected_values: (Optional) An array of field values that are expected to be stored by the form submit handler. If not set, the submitted $values are assumed to also be the expected stored values.

$form_state: (Optional) A keyed array containing the state of the form, to be sent in the call to backdrop_form_submit(). The $values parameter is added to $form_state['values'] by default, if it is not already set.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test, line 1945
Unit tests for the Backdrop Form API.


Test the programmatic form submission behavior.


private function submitForm($values, $valid_input, $expected_values = NULL, $form_state = array()) {
  // Programmatically submit the given values.
  $form_state += array('values' => $values);
  backdrop_form_submit('form_test_programmatic_form', $form_state);

  // Check that the form returns an error when expected, and vice versa.
  $errors = form_get_errors();
  $valid_form = empty($errors);
  $args = array(
    '%values' => print_r($values, TRUE),
    '%errors' => $valid_form ? t('None') : implode(' ', $errors),
  $this->assertTrue($valid_input == $valid_form, format_string('Input values: %values<br/>Validation handler errors: %errors', $args));

  // We check submitted values only if we have a valid input.
  if ($valid_input) {
    // By fetching the values from $form_state['storage'] we ensure that the
    // submission handler was properly executed.
    $stored_values = $form_state['storage']['programmatic_form_submit'];
    if (!isset($expected_values)) {
      $expected_values = $values;
    foreach ($expected_values as $key => $value) {
      $this->assertTrue(isset($stored_values[$key]) && $stored_values[$key] == $value, format_string('Submission handler correctly executed: %stored_key is %stored_value', array(
        '%stored_key' => $key,
        '%stored_value' => print_r($value, TRUE),