1 locale.test private LocaleUrlRewritingTest::checkUrl($language, $message1, $message2)

Check URL rewriting for the given language.

The test is performed with a fixed URL (the default home page) to check that language prefixes are not added to it, and that the prefixed URL is actually not working.


string $language: The language prefix, e.g. 'es'.

string $message1: Message to display in assertion that language prefixes are not added.

string $message2: The message to display confirming prefixed URL is not working.


core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test, line 2407
Tests for locale.module.


Test that URL rewriting works as expected.


private function checkUrl($language, $message1, $message2) {
  $options = array('language' => $language);
  $base_path = trim(base_path(), '/');
  $rewritten_path = trim(str_replace(array('?q=', $base_path), '', url('node', $options)), '/');
  $segments = explode('/', $rewritten_path, 2);
  $prefix = $segments[0];
  $path = isset($segments[1]) ? $segments[1] : $prefix;

  // If the rewritten URL has not a language prefix we pick a random prefix so
  // we can always check the prefixed URL.
  $prefixes = locale_language_negotiation_url_prefixes();
  $stored_prefix = isset($prefixes[$language->langcode]) ? $prefixes[$language->langcode] : $this->randomName();
  if ($this->assertNotEqual($stored_prefix, $prefix, $message1)) {
    $prefix = $stored_prefix;

  $this->assertResponse(404, $message2);