1 locale.install locale_update_1002()

Removes duplicates in {locales_source}.

Aggressively removes duplicates that has not already been removed by locale_update_7004() in Drupal 7.x.

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core/modules/locale/locale.install, line 246
Install, update and uninstall functions for the locale module.


function locale_update_1002() {
  // Look up all duplicates.
  $results = db_query("SELECT source, context FROM {locales_source} GROUP BY source, context HAVING COUNT(*) > 1");

  // For each set of duplicates, select one row that should survive, preferably
  // one that has been translated, and delete the rest.
  foreach ($results as $row) {
    $lid = db_query("SELECT s.lid FROM {locales_source} s LEFT JOIN {locales_target} t ON s.lid = t.lid WHERE s.source = :source AND s.context = :context ORDER BY translation IS NULL", array(
      ':source' => $row->source,
      ':context' => $row->context,
      ->condition('source', $row->source)
      ->condition('context', $row->context)
      ->condition('lid', $lid, '<>')

  // Finally remove any rows from {locales_target} that refer to non-existing
  // lids.
  $subquery = db_select('locales_source', 't')->fields('t', array('lid'));
  db_delete('locales_target')->condition('lid', $subquery, 'NOT IN')->execute();