Mass import-export and batch import functionality for Gettext .po files.




Namesort ascending Description
locale_translate_import_form_submit Process the locale import form submission.
locale_translate_import_form User interface for the translation import screen.
locale_translate_export_screen User interface for the translation export screen.
locale_translate_export_po_form_submit Process a translation (or template) export form submission.
locale_translate_export_po_form Form to export PO files for the languages provided.
locale_translate_export_pot_form Translation template export form.
locale_translate_batch_import_files Prepare a batch to import all translations.
locale_translate_batch_import Perform interface translation import as a batch step.
locale_translate_batch_finished Finished callback of system page locale import batch.
locale_translate_batch_build Build a locale batch from an array of files.
locale_translate_add_language_set_batch Set a batch for newly added language.