1 locale.bulk.inc locale_translate_batch_import($filepath, &$context)

Perform interface translation import as a batch step.


$filepath: Path to a file to import.

$results: Contains a list of files imported.


core/modules/locale/locale.bulk.inc, line 265
Mass import-export and batch import functionality for Gettext .po files.


function locale_translate_batch_import($filepath, &$context) {
  // The filename is either {langcode}.po or {prefix}.{langcode}.po, so
  // we can extract the language code to use for the import from the end.
  if (preg_match('!(/|\.)([^\./]+)\.po$!', $filepath, $langcode)) {
    $file = entity_create('file', array(
      'filename' => backdrop_basename($filepath),
      'uri' => $filepath,
    _locale_import_read_po('db-store', $file, LOCALE_IMPORT_KEEP, $langcode[2]);
    $context['results'][] = $filepath;