Installer module functionality for installing new code.

Provides a user interface to install new code.


core/modules/installer/, line 483
Administrative screens and processing functions of the Installer module.


Namesort descending Location Description
installer_manager_download_project core/modules/installer/ Downloads a project given a project url.
installer_manager_install_form core/modules/installer/ Form constructor for the install form of the Installer module.
installer_manager_install_form_submit core/modules/installer/ Form submission handler for installer_manager_install_form().
installer_manager_install_form_validate core/modules/installer/ Form validation handler for installer_manager_install_form().
installer_manager_install_modal_callback core/modules/installer/ AJAX callback to update the add/remove queue on bulk add.
_installer_manager_check_backends core/modules/installer/ Checks for file transfer backends and prepares a form fragment about them.