1 filter.test FilterCRUDTestCase::verifyFilters($format)

Verifies that filters are properly stored for a text format.


core/modules/filter/tests/filter.test, line 115
Tests for filter.module.


Tests for text format and filter CRUD operations.


function verifyFilters($format) {
  // Verify filter database records.
  $config_filters = (object) config_get('filter.format.' . $format->format, 'filters');
  $format_filters = $format->filters;
  $all_filter_info = filter_get_filters();
  foreach ($config_filters as $name => $config_filter) {
    $config_filter = (object) $config_filter;
    $t_args = array('%format' => $format->name, '%filter' => $name);

    // Verify that filter status is properly stored.
    $this->assertEqual($config_filter->status, $format_filters[$name]->status, format_string('Proper status for %filter in text format %format in config.', $t_args));

    // Verify that filter settings were properly stored.
    $this->assertEqual($config_filter->settings, $format_filters[$name]->settings, format_string('Proper filter settings for %filter in text format %format in config.', $t_args));

    // Verify that each filter has a module name assigned.
    $this->assertEqual($config_filter->module, $all_filter_info[$name]['module'], format_string('Module name assigned for %filter in text format %format.', $t_args));

    // Remove the filter from the copy of saved $format to check whether all
    // filters have been processed later.
  // Verify that all filters have been processed.
  $this->assertTrue(empty($format_filters), 'Config contains values for all filters in the saved format.');