Hooks provided by the Filter module.




Namesort descending Description
callback_filter_allowed_html Returns HTML allowed by this filter's configuration.
callback_filter_prepare Provide prepared text with special characters escaped.
callback_filter_process Provide text filtered to conform to the supplied format.
callback_filter_settings Provide a settings form for filter settings.
callback_filter_tips Return help text for a filter.
hook_editor_EDITOR_js_settings JavaScript settings callback for hook_editor_info().
hook_editor_EDITOR_settings Settings callback for hook_editor_info().
hook_editor_info Define text editors, such as WYSIWYGs or toolbars to assist with text input.
hook_editor_info_alter Perform alterations on editor definitions.
hook_filter_FILTER_js_settings JavaScript settings callback for hook_filter_info().
hook_filter_format_disable Perform actions when a text format has been disabled.
hook_filter_format_insert Perform actions when a new text format has been created.
hook_filter_format_update Perform actions when a text format has been updated.
hook_filter_info Define content filters.
hook_filter_info_alter Perform alterations on filter definitions.
hook_filter_js_settings_alter Perform alterations on the JavaScript settings that are added for filters.