1 file.test FileFieldWidgetTestCase::testPrivateFileSetting()

Tests a file field with a "Private files" upload destination setting.


core/modules/file/tests/file.test, line 1107
Tests for file.module.


Tests file field widget.


function testPrivateFileSetting() {
  // Use 'page' instead of 'post', so that the 'post' image field does
  // not conflict with this test. If in the future the 'page' type gets its
  // own default file or image field, this test can be made more robust by
  // using a custom node type.
  $type_name = 'page';
  $field_name = strtolower($this->randomName());
  $this->createFileField($field_name, $type_name);
  $field = field_info_field($field_name);
  $instance = field_info_instance('node', $field_name, $type_name);

  $test_file = $this->getTestFile('text');

  // Change the field setting to make its files private, and upload a file.
  $edit = array('field[settings][uri_scheme]' => 'private');
  $this->backdropPost("admin/structure/types/manage/$type_name/fields/$field_name", $edit, t('Save settings'));
  $nid = $this->uploadNodeFile($test_file, $field_name, $type_name);
  $node = node_load($nid, NULL, TRUE);
  $node_file = (object) $node->{$field_name}[LANGUAGE_NONE][0];
  $this->assertFileExists($node_file, 'New file saved to disk on node creation.');

  // Ensure the private file is available to the user who uploaded it.
  $this->assertResponse(200, 'Confirmed that the generated URL is correct by downloading the shipped file.');

  // Ensure we can't change 'uri_scheme' field settings while there are some
  // entities with uploaded files.
  $this->assertFieldByXpath('//input[@id="edit-field-settings-uri-scheme-public" and @disabled="disabled"]', 'public', 'Upload destination setting disabled.');

  // Delete node and confirm that setting could be changed.
  $this->assertFieldByXpath('//input[@id="edit-field-settings-uri-scheme-public" and not(@disabled)]', 'public', 'Upload destination setting enabled.');