1 file.pages.inc _file_usage_list_links(File $file, &$known_count, &$unknown_count)

Build a list of links to content that references a file.


File $file: The file entity for which a list of links should be generated.

int $known_count: The number of usages that are found and to which the user has access.

int $unknown_count: The number of usages which cannot be displayed in the list of links.

Return value

array: An array of strings suitable for passing into theme('item_list').


core/modules/file/file.pages.inc, line 939
Supports file operations including Manage and Delete.


function _file_usage_list_links(File $file, &$known_count, &$unknown_count) {

  // Make a list of links showing where this file is in use. Files in use by
  // known entities are linked. Orphaned usages or ones not associated with an
  // entities are considered an "Unknown" usage. If the user does not have
  // access to the associated entity, it is considered unknown and no link is
  // shown.
  $known_count = 0;
  $unknown_count = 0;
  $entity_list = array();
  if ($file_usage_list = file_usage_list($file)) {
    foreach ($file_usage_list as $module_name => $module_usages) {
      foreach ($module_usages as $entity_type => $entity_usages) {
        $entity_type_info = entity_get_info($entity_type);
        $entity_ids = array();
        foreach ($entity_usages as $entity_id => $usage_count) {
          if ($entity_type_info) {
            $entity_ids[] = $entity_id;
          else {
            $unknown_count += $usage_count;
        if ($entity_ids) {
          $entities = entity_load_multiple($entity_type, $entity_ids);

          // Perform an access check on all given entities.
          $query = new EntityFieldQuery();
          $query->entityCondition('entity_type', $entity_type);
          $query->entityCondition('entity_id', $entity_ids);
          $query->addTag($entity_type . '_access');
          $result = $query->execute();

          foreach ($entities as $entity) {
            // If the entity is in the EFQ result, access is allowed.
            if (isset($result[$entity_type][$entity->id()])) {
              $uri = $entity->uri();
              $entity_list[] = l($entity->label(), $uri['path'], $uri['options']);
            // If not, do not show a link and consider it an unknown location.
            else {
  return $entity_list;