Admin page callbacks for the File module.




Namesort ascending Description
_file_sort_weight_label User sort function to sort by weight, then label/name.
file_type_toggle_enable Menu callback; disable or enable a single file type.
file_type_status_confirm_submit Process file type status confirm submissions.
file_type_save Updates an existing file type or creates a new one.
file_type_revert_confirm_submit Process file type revert confirm submissions.
file_type_revert_confirm Menu callback; revert a single file type.
file_type_form_validate Form validation handler for file_file_type_form().
file_type_form_submit Form submission handler for file_type_form().
file_type_form Form constructor for the file type settings form.
file_type_delete_confirm_submit Process file type delete confirm submissions.
file_type_delete_confirm Menu callback; delete a single file type.
file_type_delete Deletes a file type from the configuration.
file_type_classify_confirm_submit Submit handler for file type classification confirmation form.
file_type_classify_confirm Confirm form for file type classification process.
file_settings_form_validate Validation handler for file_settings_form().
file_settings_form Form callback for file settings.
file_list_types_page Displays the file type admin overview page.
file_info_formatter_types Returns information about file formatters from hook_file_formatter_info().
file_display_form_submit Process file display settings form submissions.
file_display_form Form callback; presents file display settings for a given view mode.