Default 'implementations' of hook_field_*(): common field housekeeping.

Those implementations are special, as field.module does not define any field types. Those functions take care of default stuff common to all field types. They are called through the _field_invoke_default() iterator, generally in the corresponding field_attach_[operation]() function.




Namesort ascending Description
field_default_view Builds a renderable array for one field on one entity instance.
field_default_validate Generic field validation handler.
field_default_submit Default field 'submit' operation.
field_default_prepare_view Invokes hook_field_formatter_prepare_view() on the relevant formatters.
field_default_prepare_translation Copies source field values into the entity to be prepared.
field_default_insert Default field 'insert' operation.
field_default_extract_form_values Extracts field values from submitted form values.