Admin page callbacks for the Database Logging module.




Namesort ascending Description
dblog_top Page callback: Shows the most frequent log messages of a given event type.
dblog_overview Page callback: Displays a listing of database log messages.
dblog_format_message Returns HTML for a log message.
dblog_filter_form_validate Form validation handler for dblog_filter_form().
dblog_filter_form_submit Form submission handler for dblog_filter_form().
dblog_filter_form Form constructor for the database logging filter form.
dblog_filters Creates a list of database log administration filters that can be applied.
dblog_event Page callback: Displays details about a specific database log message.
dblog_clear_log_submit Form submission handler for dblog_clear_log_form().
dblog_clear_log_form Form constructor for the form that clears out the log.
dblog_build_filter_query Builds a query for database log administration filters based on session.