1 book.test BookTestCase::checkBookNode(Node $node, $nodes, $previous = FALSE, $up = FALSE, $next = FALSE, array $breadcrumb)

Checks the outline of sub-pages; previous, up, and next.

Also checks the printer friendly version of the outline.


Node $node: Node to check.

$nodes: Nodes that should be in outline.

$previous: (optional) Previous link node. Defaults to FALSE.

$up: (optional) Up link node. Defaults to FALSE.

$next: (optional) Next link node. Defaults to FALSE.

$breadcrumb: The nodes that should be displayed in the breadcrumb.


core/modules/book/tests/book.test, line 143
Tests for book.module.


Tests the functionality of the Book module.


function checkBookNode(Node $node, $nodes, $previous = FALSE, $up = FALSE, $next = FALSE, array $breadcrumb) {
  // $number does not use backdrop_static as it should not be reset
  // since it uniquely identifies each call to checkBookNode().
  static $number = 0;
  $this->backdropGet('node/' . $node->nid);

  // Check outline structure.
  if ($nodes !== NULL) {
    $this->assertPattern($this->generateOutlinePattern($nodes), format_string('Node %number outline confirmed.', array('%number' => $number)));
  else {
    $this->pass(format_string('Node %number does not have outline.', array('%number' => $number)));

  // Check previous, up, and next links.
  if ($previous) {
    $prev_link = '<a href="/node/' . $previous->nid . '" rel="prev" title="Go to previous page"><b>‹</b> ' . $previous->title . '</a>';
    $this->assertRaw($prev_link, 'Previous page link found.');

  if ($up) {
    $up_link = '<a href="/node/' . $up->nid . '" title="Go to parent page">up</a>';
    $this->assertRaw($up_link, 'Up page link found.');

  if ($next) {
    $next_link = '<a href="/node/' . $next->nid . '" rel="next" title="Go to next page">' . $next->title . ' <b>›</b></a>';
    $this->assertRaw($next_link, 'Next page link found.');

  // Compute the expected breadcrumb.
  $expected_breadcrumb = array();
  $expected_breadcrumb[] = url('');
  foreach ($breadcrumb as $a_node) {
    $expected_breadcrumb[] = url('node/' . $a_node->nid);

  // Fetch links in the current breadcrumb.
  $links = $this->xpath('//nav[@class="breadcrumb"]/ol/li/a');
  $got_breadcrumb = array();
  foreach ($links as $link) {
    $got_breadcrumb[] = (string) $link['href'];

  // Compare expected and got breadcrumbs.
  $this->assertIdentical($expected_breadcrumb, $got_breadcrumb, 'The breadcrumb is correctly displayed on the page.');