1 book.module book_children($book_link)

Formats the menu links for the child pages of the current page.


$book_link: A fully loaded menu link that is part of the book hierarchy.

Return value

HTML for the links to the child pages of the current page.:


core/modules/book/book.module, line 824
Allows users to create and organize related content in an outline.


function book_children($book_link) {
  $flat = book_get_flat_menu($book_link);

  $children = array();

  if ($book_link['has_children']) {
    // Walk through the array until we find the current page.
    do {
      $link = array_shift($flat);
     while ($link && ($link['mlid'] != $book_link['mlid']));
    // Continue though the array and collect the links whose parent is this page.
    while (($link = array_shift($flat)) && $link['plid'] == $book_link['mlid']) {
      $data['link'] = $link;
      $data['below'] = '';
      $children[] = $data;

  if ($children) {
    $elements = menu_tree_output($children);
    return backdrop_render($elements);
  return '';