Note: this list is generated by looking for the string for this theme hook, so it may include some references that are not actually using this theme hook.

backdrop_common_theme in core/includes/
Provides theme registration for themes across .inc files.
field_ui_table_pre_render in core/modules/field_ui/
Render API callback: Performs pre-render tasks on field_ui_table elements.
theme_book_admin_table in core/modules/book/
Returns HTML for a book administration form.
theme_menu_overview_form in core/modules/menu/
Returns HTML for the menu overview form into a table.
theme_tabledrag_example_parent_form in modules/examples/tabledrag_example/
Theme callback for the tabledrag_example_parent_form form.
theme_taxonomy_overview_terms in core/modules/taxonomy/
Returns HTML for a terms overview form as a sortable list of terms.