PathPatternLocaleTestCase::testLanguageAliases in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Test that when an English node is updated, its old English URL alias is updated and its newer French URL alias is left intact.
PathPatternTestHelper::assertAliasExists in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
PathPatternTestHelper::assertNoAliasExists in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
path_delete in core/includes/
Delete a URL alias.
path_form_element in core/modules/path/path.module
Return a portion of a form for setting an alias on an entity.
path_load_by_entity in core/modules/path/path.module
Populate the canonical path property for an entity.
path_save in core/includes/
Save a URL alias to the database.
redirect_element_validate_source in core/modules/redirect/
Element validate handler; validate the source of an URL redirect.
_path_load_loosely_by_source in core/modules/path/
Fetches an existing URL alias given a path and optional language.