backdrop_check_module in core/includes/
Checks a module's requirements.
backdrop_check_profile in core/includes/
Checks an installation profile's requirements.
backdrop_get_schema_unprocessed in core/includes/
Returns the unprocessed and unaltered version of a module's schema.
backdrop_load_updates in core/includes/
Loads .install files for installed modules to initialize the update system.
backdrop_uninstall_modules in core/includes/
Uninstalls a given list of disabled modules.
module_disable in core/includes/
Disables a given set of modules.
module_enable in core/includes/
Enables or installs a given list of modules.
system_utf8mb4_convert_form in core/modules/system/
Form to convert existing database tables to utf8mb4 if supported.
_update_cron_notify in core/modules/update/
Performs any notifications that should be done once cron fetches new data.