1 mail.inc public MailSystemInterface::mail(array $message)

Send a message composed by backdrop_mail().


$message: Message array with at least the following elements:

  • id: A unique identifier of the email type. Examples: 'contact_user_copy', 'user_password_reset'.
  • to: The mail address or addresses where the message will be sent to. The formatting of this string must comply with RFC 2822. Some examples:

    • subject: Subject of the email to be sent. This must not contain any newline characters, or the mail may not be sent properly.
    • body: Message to be sent. Accepts both CRLF and LF line-endings. Email bodies must be wrapped. You can use backdrop_wrap_mail() for smart plain text wrapping.
    • headers: Associative array containing all additional mail headers not defined by one of the other parameters. PHP's mail() looks for Cc and Bcc headers and sends the mail to addresses in these headers too.

Return value

TRUE if the mail was successfully accepted for delivery, otherwise FALSE.:


core/includes/mail.inc, line 336
API functions for processing and sending email.


An interface for pluggable mail back-ends.


public function mail(array $message);