BackdropWebTestCase::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php
Sets up a Backdrop site to be used as a cached installation profile.
backdrop_check_profile in core/includes/
Checks an installation profile's requirements.
install_load_profile in core/includes/
Loads information about the chosen profile during installation.
install_select_profile_form in core/includes/
Form constructor for the profile selection form.
install_tasks in core/includes/
Returns a list of all tasks the installer currently knows about.
ModuleUnitTest::testDependencyResolution in core/modules/simpletest/tests/module.test
Test dependency resolution.
ModuleUnitTest::testModuleList in core/modules/simpletest/tests/module.test
The basic functionality of module_list().
_install_select_profile in core/includes/
Selects an installation profile from a list or from a $_POST submission.