BackdropDateTime::format in core/includes/
Returns date formatted according to given format.
BackdropDateTime::__construct in core/includes/
Constructs a date object.
date_combo_element_process in core/modules/date/
Process an individual date element.
date_formatter_format in core/modules/date/date.module
Retrieve a date format string from formatter settings.
date_format_date in core/includes/
Formats a date, using a date type or a custom date format string.
date_part_format in core/includes/
Helper function to get a format for a specific part of a date field.
date_sql_handler::views_formats in core/modules/date/views/
date_views_filter_handler_simple::date_parts_form in core/modules/date/views/
A form element to select date part values.
_date_popup_date_format in core/modules/date/
Date popup date format.
_date_popup_time_format in core/modules/date/
Date popup time format.
_get_custom_date_format in core/modules/date/date.module
Get a custom date format.