Represents a prepared statement.

Some methods in that class are purposefully commented out. Due to a change in how PHP defines PDOStatement, we can't define a signature for those methods that will work the same way between versions older than 5.2.6 and later versions. See for more details.

Child implementations should either extend PDOStatement:

class DatabaseStatement_oracle extends PDOStatement implements DatabaseStatementInterface {}

or define their own class. If defining their own class, they will also have to implement either the Iterator or IteratorAggregate interface before DatabaseStatementInterface:

class DatabaseStatement_oracle implements Iterator, DatabaseStatementInterface {}

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Expanded class hierarchy of DatabaseStatementInterface

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core/includes/database/, line 2069
Core systems for the database layer.


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Name Modifierssort descending Type Description
DatabaseStatementInterface::execute public function Executes a prepared statement
DatabaseStatementInterface::getQueryString public function Gets the query string of this statement.
DatabaseStatementInterface::rowCount public function Returns the number of rows affected by the last SQL statement.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchField public function Returns a single field from the next record of a result set.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAssoc public function Fetches the next row and returns it as an associative array.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchCol public function Returns an entire single column of a result set as an indexed array.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllKeyed public function Returns the entire result set as a single associative array.
DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllAssoc public function Returns the result set as an associative array keyed by the given field.