Default implementation of DatabaseStatementInterface.

PDO allows us to extend the PDOStatement class to provide additional functionality beyond that offered by default. We do need extra functionality. By default, this class is not driver-specific. If a given driver needs to set a custom statement class, it may do so in its constructor.


Expanded class hierarchy of DatabaseStatementBase

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core/includes/database/, line 2250
Core systems for the database layer.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
DatabaseStatementBase::$dbh public property Reference to the database connection object for this statement.
DatabaseStatementBase::execute public function Executes a prepared statement Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::execute
DatabaseStatementBase::fetchAllAssoc public function Returns the result set as an associative array keyed by the given field. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllAssoc
DatabaseStatementBase::fetchAllKeyed public function Returns the entire result set as a single associative array. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllKeyed
DatabaseStatementBase::fetchAssoc public function Fetches the next row and returns it as an associative array. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAssoc
DatabaseStatementBase::fetchCol public function Returns an entire single column of a result set as an indexed array. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchCol
DatabaseStatementBase::fetchField public function Returns a single field from the next record of a result set. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchField
DatabaseStatementBase::getQueryString public function Gets the query string of this statement. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::getQueryString
DatabaseStatementBase::__construct protected function
DatabaseStatementInterface::rowCount public function Returns the number of rows affected by the last SQL statement.