1 database.inc public DatabaseStatementBase::fetchAllKeyed($key_index = 0, $value_index = 1)

Returns the entire result set as a single associative array.

This method is only useful for two-column result sets. It will return an associative array where the key is one column from the result set and the value is another field. In most cases, the default of the first two columns is appropriate.

Note that this method will run the result set to the end.


$key_index: The numeric index of the field to use as the array key.

$value_index: The numeric index of the field to use as the array value.

Return value

An associative array, or an empty array if there is no result set.:

Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllKeyed


core/includes/database/database.inc, line 2322
Core systems for the database layer.


Default implementation of DatabaseStatementInterface.


public function fetchAllKeyed($key_index = 0, $value_index = 1) {
  $return = array();
  foreach ($this as $record) {
    $return[$record[$key_index]] = $record[$value_index];
  return $return;