Defines an interface for configuration storage controllers.

Classes implementing this interface allow reading and writing configuration data from and to the storage.

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This is the API for configuration storage.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
ConfigStorageInterface::decode public function Decodes configuration data from the storage-specific format.
ConfigStorageInterface::delete public function Deletes a configuration object from the storage.
ConfigStorageInterface::deleteAll public function Deletes configuration objects whose names start with a given prefix.
ConfigStorageInterface::encode public function Encodes configuration data into the storage-specific format.
ConfigStorageInterface::exists public function Returns whether a configuration object exists.
ConfigStorageInterface::exportArchive public function Export an archive of configuration files from the config storage managed by this object.
ConfigStorageInterface::getModifiedTime public function Returns a timestamp indicating the last time a configuration was modified.
ConfigStorageInterface::importArchive public function Import an archive of configuration files into the config storage managed by this object.
ConfigStorageInterface::initializeStorage public function Perform any steps needed to create and initialize the storage. This may include creating directories or database tables, and initializing data structures.
ConfigStorageInterface::isInitialized public function Check that the storage managed by this object is present and functional.
ConfigStorageInterface::listAll public function Gets configuration object names starting with a given prefix.
ConfigStorageInterface::read public function Reads configuration data from the storage.
ConfigStorageInterface::readMultiple public function Reads configuration data from the storage.
ConfigStorageInterface::rename public function Renames a configuration object in the storage.
ConfigStorageInterface::write public function Writes configuration data to the storage.