Defines a batch queue.

Stale items from failed batches are cleaned from the {queue} table on cron using the 'created' date.


Expanded class hierarchy of BatchQueue


core/includes/, line 18
Queue handlers used by the Batch API.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
BatchQueue::claimItem public function Overrides SystemQueue::claimItem(). Overrides SystemQueue::claimItem
BatchQueue::getAllItems public function Retrieves all remaining items in the queue.
SystemQueue::$name protected property The name of the queue this instance is working with.
SystemQueue::createItem public function Add a queue item and store it directly to the queue. Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::createItem
SystemQueue::createQueue public function Create a queue. Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::createQueue
SystemQueue::deleteItem public function Delete a finished item from the queue. Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::deleteItem
SystemQueue::deleteQueue public function Delete a queue and every item in the queue. Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::deleteQueue
SystemQueue::numberOfItems public function Retrieve the number of items in the queue. Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::numberOfItems
SystemQueue::releaseItem public function Release an item that the worker could not process, so another worker can come in and process it before the timeout expires. Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::releaseItem
SystemQueue::__construct public function