1 system.queue.inc public SystemQueue::createItem($data)

Add a queue item and store it directly to the queue.


$data: Arbitrary data to be associated with the new task in the queue.

Return value

TRUE if the item was successfully created and was (best effort) added: to the queue, otherwise FALSE. We don't guarantee the item was committed to disk etc, but as far as we know, the item is now in the queue.

Overrides BackdropQueueInterface::createItem


core/modules/system/system.queue.inc, line 208
Queue functionality.


Default queue implementation.


public function createItem($data) {
  // backdrop_get_schema() may not contain the queue table yet, so we cannot
  // rely on backdrop_write_record().
  $query = db_insert('queue')
      'name' => $this->name,
      'data' => serialize($data),
      // We cannot rely on REQUEST_TIME because many items might be created
      // by a single request which takes longer than 1 second.
      'created' => time(),
  return (bool) $query->execute();