This page covers standards for documentation pages on this site that are not created by code (like this one).

Capitalization #

* Page titles should use title case (Capitalize All Major Words).
* Menu entries for book pages should be the same as the page title (also in title case).
* Menu item descriptions should use sentence case (Capitalize the first word only, also proper nouns).
* All headings within pages should use title case.

Section Links #

If a page is longer than one screenfull, consider adding a "#" link to each section (as on this page). This makes it easy and obvious for users linking to the documentation to link to a specific section within the page (for example, when answering a question in the Forum). Here's an example:

<h2>Section Links <a id="about"></a><a href="#section-links">#</a></h2>

If there are many sections (or subsections) on the page, consider also including a list of links to all the sections at the top, as on this page. This makes it easy for users to jump directly to the relevant section.