Backdrop 1.24.0 introduced two description fields on user roles:

  • Admin description: Used on the listing of all user roles and on the permissions form.
  • Help text: Used as the description of the role when assigning the role on the user account edit form.

The contributed module Role Help provided similar functionality for Backdrop and Drupal 7, including a "Summary" field that is used in the same way. If the Role Help module is present when applying the update to 1.24.0, the summary values will be used to populate both the admin description and help text fields that are now provided by core. Unless the dedicated help pages provided by the Role Help module are needed on your site, the module can be disabled and uninstalled.

The machine keys of these new properties are admin_description and description. When creating a new role with the API, these properties should now be included. An example of creating a role now looks like this:

$editor_role = new stdClass();
$editor_role->name = 'editor';
$editor_role->label = 'Editor';
$editor_role->admin_description = 'Role that can edit most content on the site, but cannot modify site configuration settings.';
$editor_role->description = 'This role should be assigned to to most users.';
$editor_role->weight = 2;
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