1 tabledrag_example_simple_form.inc tabledrag_example_simple_form($form_state)

Build the tabledrag_simple_example_form form.

Return value

array: A form array set for theming by theme_tabledrag_example_simple_form()

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modules/examples/tabledrag_example/tabledrag_example_simple_form.inc, line 15
Example demonstrating a simple (i.e. 'sort' only) tabledrag form


function tabledrag_example_simple_form($form_state) {
  // Identify that the elements in 'example_items' are a collection, to
  // prevent Form API from flattening the array when submitted.
  $form['example_items']['#tree'] = TRUE;

  // Fetch the example data from the database, ordered by weight ascending.
  // This query excludes the last two tabledrag_example database rows, as
  // they are intended only for the 'parent/child' tabledrag examples.
  $result = db_query('SELECT id, name, description, weight FROM {tabledrag_example} WHERE id < 8 ORDER BY weight ASC');

  // Iterate through each database result.
  foreach ($result as $item) {

    // Create a form entry for this item.
    // Each entry will be an array using the the unique id for that item as
    // the array key, and an array of table row data as the value.
    $form['example_items'][$item->id] = array(

      // We'll use a form element of type '#markup' to display the item name.
      'name' => array(
        '#markup' => check_plain($item->name),

      // We'll use a form element of type '#textfield' to display the item
      // description, which will allow the value to be changed via the form.
      // We limit the input to 255 characters, which is the limit we set on
      // the database field.
      'description' => array(
        '#type' => 'textfield',
        '#default_value' => check_plain($item->description),
        '#size' => 20,
        '#maxlength' => 255,

      // The 'weight' field will be manipulated as we move the items around in
      // the table using the tabledrag activity.  We use the 'weight' element
      // defined in Backdrop's Form API.
      'weight' => array(
        '#type' => 'weight',
        '#title' => t('Weight'),
        '#default_value' => $item->weight,
        '#delta' => 10,
        '#title_display' => 'invisible',

  // Now we add our submit button, for submitting the form results.
  // The 'actions' wrapper used here isn't strictly necessary for tabledrag,
  // but is included as a Form API recommended practice.
  $form['actions'] = array('#type' => 'actions');
  $form['actions']['submit'] = array('#type' => 'submit', '#value' => t('Save Changes'));
  return $form;