1 page_example.module page_example_description()

Constructs a descriptive page.

Our menu maps this function to the path 'examples/page_example'.

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modules/examples/page_example/page_example.module, line 113
Hook implementations for the Page Example module.


function page_example_description() {
  return array(
    '#markup' =>
    t('<p>WORKING IN BACKDROP: The page_example provides two pages, "simple" and "arguments".</p><p>The <a href="@simple_link">simple page</a> just returns a renderable array for display.</p><p>The <a href="@arguments_link">arguments page</a> takes two arguments and displays them, as in @arguments_link</p>', 
      '@simple_link' => url('examples/page_example/simple', array('absolute' => TRUE)),
      '@arguments_link' => url('examples/page_example/arguments/23/56', array('absolute' => TRUE)),